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Deep Learning solutions for computer vision
Deep Learning solutions
for Computer Vision
Deep Learning solutions
for Computer Vision
We provide consulting
in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.
Our team creates and deploys optimized Deep Learning solutions.
What we do
People re-identification
Our smart algorithms recognize people — and can enhance retail CRMs or smart access control systems.
Our Computer Vision algorithms can detect, identify, track and analyze body poses of athletes in wide range of sports — like swimming, soccer or tennis.
Body tracking
Our pose detection algorithms are capable of human body pose analysis— which can be used for applications from automatic workout analysis to AR clothes fitting.
3D Segmentation
We apply our Deep Learning expertise in medical applications — for example, to diagnose health problems on 3D body scans.
People tracking and counting solution
Model size: 13 Mb
Our people counting platform is trained on large in-house people dataset. It provides state-of-the-art accuracy at 50x smaller model size and 370x less computations. The platform is flexible and can be used at the edge device like NVIDIA® Jetson™ or at a cloud server.
Our tools train optimized algorithms.
Data annotation
Our labelling team annotates custom dataa
Training engine
Our in-house tools create optimized neural networks. We engineerd these to deliver the models up to 5 times faster.
Neural networks
for ARM and FPGA
We use state-of-the-art pruning and quantization techniques to make models fast even on edge devices. 2x less MACs and same accuracy level.
50 Mb — Average detection model
600 Kb — Our model
Tech we’re
Our courses
Introduction to PyTorch Lightning
Maxim Kuklin
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Grigory Serebryakov
Linux tools that make life easier. Part II
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Improve your workflow by managing deep learning experiments
Alexander Lyashuk
Relocation abroad
Relocation abroad
Computer vision
Relocation abroad
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