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Frontend developer

About the project:

We are developing, which is one of the most popular open-source platforms for data storing, annotating, managing, importing and exporting for computer vision algorithms. We are also a part of the official OpenCV team, one of the largest open-source libraries in the world.


What you will do:

‍‍— develop and improve the popular Open Source tool;

‍‍‍‍— interact with major customers, design and develop new product functionality, discuss the solution design within the team;

— respond to the community questions, assist in solving emerging issues;

‍‍— take part in team meetings, offer the product and workflow organization related improvements;

‍‍— attend international conferences as a speaker or as a participant;

‍‍— participate in the professional development of the team.


What we expect from you:

‍‍— proficiency in JavaScript (syntax, runtime, ECMA, browser API, async/await, SPA), understanding of functional programming concepts, experience with TypeScript;

‍‍— in particular: raster and vector graphic skills (in the browser);

‍‍— knowledge of React at the level of "I can compose components without stackoverflow and understand how they work" (hooks, component lifecycle, functional/class components, HOC, refs, portals, etc.);

‍‍— hands on experience in modern web development stack (npm, yarn, webpack, babel), the ability to configure the project using google;

‍— general algorithmic knowledge;

‍‍— developer practical skills: Linux, Git, VSCode, Debugging, Profiling, Code review;

‍‍— English language sufficient enough to be able to read the documentation (B1+);

‍‍— 2+ years of commercial development experience;

‍‍— bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field of IT (CMC, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Radio Engineering Faculty or related).


Would be an additional advantage:

‍‍— ability to read and write code in Python (Django in particular);

‍‍— experience with Docker;

‍‍— spoken English;

‍‍— experience with 3D graphics (e.g., using three.js) in the browser;

‍‍— basic knowledge of AI/ML.



‍‍— excellent experienced team of Computer Vision enthusiasts;

‍‍— health insurance, free English and professional courses, gym membership refund;

‍‍— perfect conditions for scientific research that allow you to participate in conferences and round tables (and you don’t have to worry about travel and accommodations — we got you covered);

‍‍— culture that thrives off creativity and individuality.