Computer Vision, Deep Learning
Middle / Senior C++ Engineer (Computer Vision)
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We do fast Computer Vision algorithms for embedded devices, mobile phones and challenging hardware requirements. We also author state-of-the-art algorithms in 3D, sports, and medicine. We are a part of the official OpenCV team.

What you will do:

We look for engineers who will implement and port CV algorithms to the target devices - for example, to mobile phones or AI accelerators. Most of the CV/DL projects nowadays use OpenCV library and we're not an exception there. At this position, you will use both DL and the algorithms from OpenCV on the daily basis, and you can even be a part of the OpenCV development team at some point.

Job requirements:

— Knowledge of C++, Python, CMake, Linux, shell, Git.

— Knowledge of classic algorithms and data structures.

— Knowledge of good code development practices and guidelines.

— Written English.

Desired skills:

— Knowledge of Computer Vision and OpenCV.

— Experience in ONNX / TensorRT / OpenVINO.

— Knowledge of linear algebra and numerical analysis.

— Experience in low-level optimization (CUDA, NEON, SSE).

— Experience in project productization (a requirement for Senior positions).

— Spoken English.


Salary range: Middle: 120-180K ₽, Senior: 150-220K ₽.

— Strong team and company culture.

— Voluntary medical insurance, free English and professional courses and 50% (with limit) reimbursement for sports.

— You will be encouraged to write papers and present them at conferences (the company will sponsor the travel).